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Pamela Crenshaw

Board Advisor

Pamela Crenshaw is a native of Chicago, born and raised here. She grew up in the Robert Taylor Housing Projects, which helped her have a deep insight into the community’s needs. She never forgets where she came from.  She has always been involved in community organizations, starting as a child. Whether serving at a shelter, a youth program, or teaching literacy GED programs, she has a strong commitment to helping others improve their lives. While working at Chicago Mercantile Exchange for 20 years, serving in many roles, including accountant and software developer roles, she was the company liaison for organizations like Inspiration Café. She nurtured children at her home on the weekend through one of Lydia Home’s programs.

Pamela has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, even as a child. She started several businesses and sold products through Junior Achievement. After leaving corporate America, Pamela launched several businesses (some failed) before starting eBizness Solutions, in which she is currently the Chief Experience Officer. Pamela is still involved in working with single moms, previously incarcerated citizens, and her passion – the youth, to name a few. Although she attended Roosevelt University, her education has come from many sources. Pamela is a lifetime learner. She has two adult children who are Chicagoland residents.