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Mother Lula Mae Walker


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The Lula Mae Walker Scholarship Program Application

Covenant Outreach Services, NFP (COS) has established the Lula Mae Walker Scholarship Program to support our future leaders by providing financial assistance to promising young students pursuing higher education. We invite you to join us at the Lula Mae Walker Scholarship Luncheon on June 11th to celebrate the scholarship winners. Click here to purchase tickets.

We encourage high school seniors, college students, and students attending a trade school to apply for this Scholarship. Click here to view the scholarship requirements. To apply for the scholarship, please complete the application below. If you have questions, email us at

The deadline to submit your scholarship application is May 15, 2023

To submit your application, please fill out the form below:

Lula Mae Walker 2022 Scholarship Awardees are:

Shakeira Allen

Jordan Quinones

Jazmine Morrow

Her Story

MOTHER LULA WALKER was born April 10, 1934 in a small town called Troy Alabama. She was only two years old when her mother passed away and was then raised by an aunt who was instrumental in getting her relocated to Chicago to live with other relatives.

Mother Walker stated she would often pray to God and dreamed about moving to the north to pursue her education and also for a better life for herself.  As a student in the Chicago school system she excelled in her classes.  She graduated from Wells High School and received a certificate in Business Administration from DePaul University.

In 1975, Lula and her husband Rev. Willie Walker launched a transitional shelter that was incorporated as Tabitha Community Service (Tabitha House). They converted a six-unit building into an 80-bed shelter for women and children in the Chicago area.

While Mother Walker realized that providing housing was vital she also knew that the woman needed more support so Tabitha House incorporated Spiritual Enrichment classes, Christmas Program, A Women’s Boutique, Employment and Training, GED Classes, Adult Literacy Program, Personal Development Classes, Medical internship Programs and much more.

Mother Walker had a heart of gold and dedicated her life to help others to excel and to improve their life by investing in them and encouraging them to think positive and to invest in themselves to help their family.

Over the years, Mother Walker has received many recognition and have had the opportunity to meet many dignitaries in the world but her greatest accomplishment is when those she had served come back to say “thanks”.  Mother Walker’s work lives on today in the hearts of many. Her personal conviction was:  God, Family Education, Hard Work and Giving

Mother Walker passed on July 29, 2008 leaving the commission to others to do the work of the Lord by serving others. Her husband preceded her on death in February 24, 2013.