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Barbara Hopkins

Community Outreach Chairperson

Barbara Hopkins has a long career in the service industry where she is committed to develop, enhance and enrich our under-served communities.   She has worked at Advocate Aurora for 26 years as a Finance Recovery Specialist and community organizer. She is the Founder of Sister2Sister, a non-for-profit organization helping young women.  Over the years, she has worked with a number of community based organizations focused on unifying the community, including Tabitha Community Center, Campaign for A Drug Free Westside Inc, Peace brook, Northwest Austin Council, Welcome to Fatherhood and United Leaders NFP to name a few.  Barbara served as a Board member for the Rebuild Black Wall Street Project.

She completed her Associated Degree in General Education and a Grant Writing Certification. She is a resident of Schaumburg, IL where she serves on the Home Association Board.  She attends Fellowship Bible Church in Oakbrook, where she serves on the Board as Administrator of Fellowship. Barbara is a wife, mother, and grandmother.  She loves to give back to all communities, but especially the West-side of Chicago where she grew up.